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Tazo Tea

The name TAZO was inspired by the whirling mating dance of pharaohs of ancient Egypt.  It’s also synonymous with the cherry salutation used by residents of Easter Island in the 5th century.  It’s pretty incredible.

True?  Maybe, Maybe not.  Either way, it’s how founder Steven Smith explained the name and it’s as good an indicator as any of the spirit of creativity, adventure, and originality that TAZO is built on.

Smith was described as Merlin meets Marco Polo by those who knew him.  That’s not the kind of rep you get by playing it safe.  It’s the kind you get by mixing it up.  By going off the map.  By leaving the spell book on the shelf.  Steven conjured unexpected flavor blends by mixing unconventional ingredients wherever and whenever he found them.  And he did it with style.



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